Unconventional Warfare (Special Operations & Irregular Warfare)

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Utilizing the unique skills of Citadel Logic professionals affords our clients the advantage of being able toWarefareoperate either in clandestine operations or in an asymmetric environment with definitive confidence in the competence of the support rendered by Citadel Logic. Citadel Logic’s Unconventional Warfare Operations is organized into two major lines of business: Special Operations & Irregular Warfare. The key to successfully supporting the both Special Operations & Irregular Warfare strategiesSpecial Ops is to understand that they are inherently different, but require similar expertise to complete their necessary tasks. Citadel Logic professionals are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in both Special Operations & Irregular Warfare. Our Unconventional Warfare approach is based on our ability to provide our unique support to our clients from the strategic level down to the tactical level. We understand the Unconventional Warfare needs at all levels of command.

Citadel Logic professionals possess the expertise in Special Operations which requires the experience and understanding of elite highly-trained military, police, or civilian forces under principles of self-sufficiency, stealth, speed, and close teamwork. WarefareA critical key to supporting this specific Fore Multiplier is by mastering the manipulation of its infiltration, extraction, and supplies transport vehicles. Our clients also benefit from our contacts, experience, and knowledge of how to support our clients while they work with and train indigenous forces in multiple nations.

While the concepts of Irregular Warfare are older than the term itself, Citadel Logic maintains a forward-looking and innovative mind-set while advising our clients. Our clients have the advantage of utilizing our versatile and adaptable professionals who possess some of the most sought-after skills in the world.