Training Services

  • Client-Defined Training
  • Logistics Training
  • Unconventional Warfare Training
  • Command & Control Training
  • Information Systems Training
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Subject Matter Experts

As a leader in multiple disciplines, Citadel Logic recognizes the importance of training to accomplish an organization’s desired missions and tasks. While we acknowledge the need for training, Trainingwe understand the necessity of customer-defined training.

The dynamic differences between organizations demand a unique and customer-defined approach to every organizations desired training goals. Citadel Logic can tailor federal level training down to state and local levels as well as expand from local levels up to state and federal levels. Our training approach is based on our client-specific training curriculum development. After significant analysis of our clients’ requirements, we develop detailed training plans to reach our clients’ training goals.

Training Our instructors use an array of approved training techniques in concert with our clients’ subject matter experts to create unparalleled courses, computer-based training, and language training to name a few. Citadel Logic has the experience and ability to provide such training in multiple nations around the globe.