Logistics & Sustainment

  • Supply Chain Mgt
  • Transportation Mgt
  • Logistics Plans
  • Special Operations Logistics
  • Irregular Warfare Logistics
  • Logistics Training
  • Subject Matter Experts


Citadel Logic understands the critical role logistics plays in the successful operations of any organization. Citadel Logic’s Logistics is organized into six major lines of business: Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, Special Operations Logistics, Irregular Warfare Logistics, Contingency Plans, and subject-matter experts.

LogisticsThe key to successful logistics is the developmentLogistics of a planning framework for the management of materials, personnel, maintenance, distribution, and transportation. Citadel Logic, through our technical expertise and experience, develop the logistics capability necessary to ensure our customer’s goals are achieved. We provide the total spectrum of operational support to include supply, distribution, transportation, maintenance, health services, and total base support.

Logistics Our logistics approach is solely focused on enhancing our clients’ effectiveness and efficiency while remaining ahead of the increasingly complex information, communication, and control systems required in today’s logistics environment.