Information Systems (Design, Implementation, and Support)

  • Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • Information Technologies
  • SharePoint Management
  • Research & Development
  • Information Systems Training
  • Subject Matter Experts

Citadel Logic recognizes that Information Systems (IS) is commonly defined as a bridge between the business world and computer science. Our clients possess the advantage of having our Citadel Logic professionals bridge the Information Systems’ gaps in their organizations. Citadel Logic’s Information Systems is organized into four major lines of business: Information Systems Information Technologies, Enterprise Architecture & Governance, Research & Development, and subject-matter experts.

The key to effective and efficient Information Systems is appropriately implementing and managing the necessary systems Information Imagewithin an organization’s infrastructure. Citadel Logic understands that information systems are not only the technology an organization uses, but also the way in which an organization interacts with the technology and the way in which the technology works with the organization’s business processes. Our clients benefit from our expertise in the four parts of an Information System: procedures, software, hardware, and information/data.

Our information system professionals possess the Information Systemsstrong analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to implement large-scale business models within any organization. Citadel Logic Information System professionals don’t simply solve problems within an organization, but we exercise the ability to ethically automate these solutions via programmable technologies.

Information Systems professionals must have an expansive business and real world viewpoint to implement information systems technology solutions that enhance an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.