Energy Security/Management

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Real-Time Interval Data
  • Demand/Load Analysis
  • Consumption Reduction
  • Demand Management / Load Shedding
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy-Related Cyber Protection

The “lowest hanging fruit” of our energy problem is EFFICIENCY.

Renewable EnergyAt Citadel Logic, our mission is to assist our clients in developing the most “Effective & Efficient” energy security & energy management plan specific to their organization in order to reduce energy costs, consumption, and improve their bottom line while enhancing their environmental sustainability.

Citadel Logic understands that energy efficiency is the single most important issue today. Efficiency increases energy security and it affects our natural gas prices, electricity prices & supplies, our transportation sector, the safety, security and reliability of our electric grid, the environment, and the economy—it affects everyone and everything.

Energy Security

A reliable supply of affordable energy, free from variables such as extreme fluctuations in energy prices due to politics, cyber attacks, and sabotage.

Energy security has become one of the leading issues in the world today as oil and other resources have become as vital to the world's people. One of the leading threats to energy security is the significant increase in energy prices.

Renewable EnergyCitadel Logic helps organizations understand that as their energy security remains low, their costs will continue to increase, which will give their peers and competitors a fiscal advantage before work has even begun. Physical attacks (such as cyber-attacks, corporate espionage, and sabotage) are critical concerns for organizations. They are not as predictable as energy prices, and can completely halt daily operations.

New threats to energy security have emerged in the form of the increased world competition for energy with the rapid industrialization of many large nations. Citadel Logic provides companies and organizations with Long-Term and Short-Term energy security options to advance their ability to outperform the competition.

Renewable EnergyWe understand the environmental benefits of renewable energy technologies are widely recognized, but the contribution that they can make to energy security is less well known. Citadel Logic knows renewable technologies can enhance energy security in power generation, heat supply, and transportation.

Citadel Logic helps its clients effectively utilize renewable energy sources of power generation and protect itself from physical attacks. This significantly reduces our clients’ vulnerability to the possibility of shutting down operations due to a loss of competitive advantage and not being able to reinvest with energy-saved dollars.

Energy Management

Renewable EnergyWe help our clients better understand how they consume energy, as well as how to manage their energy consumption while serving privately owned businesses and public-sector/government organizations.

Citadel Logic assists organizations in controlling and reducing their energy consumption. This is important because it promotes cost reduction and curtailment in carbon emissions. Emissions will now come at a premium as energy legislature has more impact on companies’ bottom line (Cap & Trade).

Renewable EnergyCitadel Logic assists clients in making strategic energy security & energy management decisions. As the resources that have been so crucial to survival in the marketplace start declining in numbers, organizations will begin to realize that the need for renewable fuel sources will be as vital as ever. Citadel Logic helps clients understand that an effective energy strategy is a competitive advantage when used to either save or generate dollars to increase your infrastructure and re-invest within your organization.