Command and Control

  • UAV Operations & Maintenance
  • Manage/control UAV airspace i.e. Deconfliction
  • Airspace & Airfield Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Subject Matter Experts

Command and ControlCitadel Logic recognizes the vital role Command & Control (C2) plays in the success of every operation within an organization. Citadel Logic’s Command & Control is organized into four major lines of business: Unmanned Aerial Systems, Airspace & Airfield Management, Strategic Planning, and subject-matter experts.

It is important to understand that the C2 functions are performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities, Command and Control and procedures employed by either a junior leader or a senior leader. This leader plans, directs, coordinates, and controls organizations and operations in the accomplishment of their intended mission.Command and Control Citadel Logic possesses the wealth of C2 experience and technical expertise to advise our clients in every facet of Command & Control.

We provide our clients the ability to quickly identify shortfalls and gaps in their C2 structure so they are able to correct any potential vulnerability, preventing any impact on operations. Our Command & Control approach is driven by our clients’ intent and C2 goals with an end result of increased efficiency & effectiveness.