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Home PageCitadel Logic, LLC provides integrated business solutions to government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide. We offer a wide range of services including Logistics & Sustainment, Information Systems Implementation & Support, Training Support, Emergency Management Services, and Unconventional Operations to support your organization in order to maximize its performance and efficiency.

Citadel Logic combines integrity and quality to optimize the performance of your organization’s network to achieve efficiency for optimized operations, and flexibility to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Renewable Energy

At Citadel Logic, our mission is to assist our clients in developing the most “Effective & Efficient” energy security & energy management plan specific to their organization.

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Capability Statement:

Citadel Logic is an efficiency & effectiveness improvement company that is primarily engaged in the development, integration, and sustainment of Logistics, Information Systems, Contingency Operations, Emergency/Crisis Response Management, Command & Control, and Training.

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Mission Statement:

To provide effectiveness & efficiency enhancement to our clients through a partnership driven by their goals.

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